Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To-do Lists

I love making lists, and to-do lists are my favorite. I don't often end up doing every single thing on each day's list, but that's okay. I almost like making them more than I like crossing the items off; finishing everything is just a bonus!

So, I decided to make a list for things I want to do in France. I've been abroad before, and I remember how easy it is to just let time pass and not take advantage of every single day. Some of the things on my list include: 
  • Become a regular at a café, even if I go just to have a café and read or work on my (eek!) lesson plans. It seems like a nice thing to do!
A café I had in Florence last summer. Yum!

  • Keep a journal, as well as of course update my blog. It's amazing how quickly memories fade, but equally amazing how much reading about them can make any day seem like it was just yesterday, and more details come flooding back as a result
  • Buy postcards, write on them, and actually send them. I have so many postcards that I've never written on, and several times, I've even written to specific people but never addressed and sent them. How lazy can you get?! I am going to make sure I have addresses on hand so I can actually use postcards for their intended purpose

I have several more, but that's the gist of it. Is there anything you think you'd have to, or really want to do if you were spending an extended time abroad?
Okay bedtime for me, I have a busy day tomorrow! I'm leaving Poughkeepsie for good and heading back to CT for the summer. I'm excited :) 

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